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I got this recently but prefer a tele with a shorter 24 3/4" scale. Here are the details:
-lightweight pine body made by Nieman Guitars (black stain and two thin coats of poly to seal it)
-Solo neck, so probably made in China. Rosewood board with a medium C? neck. Full but not baseball bat full; what can I say? it's comfortable to play; not skinny; not fat. It had a few high frets, but they have been leveled and dressed; frets are now good all over; action is great. Medium frets.
-pickups made by Tone Emporium in Ottawa (very open sounding and the balance between the neck and bridge pickups is perfect)
-Wilkinson staggered height tuning gears
-Wilkinson bridge (intonation is perfect) I put brass saddles on it and filed them for fit and intonation, but original trad saddles are included; can be strung through body or as a top loader
-CTS pots & Oak Grigsby 3 way switch, Tusq nut
-almost new and comes with a Gibson gig bag
-high quality instrument now that the neck has been adjusted (two way truss rod works well) and frets have been leveled and crowned
-photo shows plastic covering peeling off in lower left corner of pickguard, but I left it on for the new owner to peel off
-mp3 sound sample available for anyone who sends me an email address
-$475 cash or etransfer; I can set up an amp inside the front door (mask and distance protocol observed)

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