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Supro 1624T Build

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Some say Jimmy Page recorded "Stairway to Heaven" with this amp, and a Telecaster. I'm not sure but it does sound sweet. Of course I changed up a few things.

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Changes include more capacitance, choke, pretty much compulsory when doing reworks, 5AR4 rectifier, 6V6 outputs, MM early tweed Super OPT. The original circuit had 2 volumes, one tone but the Harmony chassis I built on has 2 of each, mixing resistors going into the PI. Each channel has different voicing via cathode connections, that's pretty much it. The chassis resides in a 2 x 10 combo cabinet that I had posted awhile back. I dug back in for a 2nd look, cleaning up some things. The pots are Ruwido and when I bought them from a retired tech, they had no nuts, no biggie I thought, but had a devil of a time sourcing metric nuts to fit. Quality stuff, wish I had more values.
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