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Supro 1624T Build

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Some say Jimmy Page recorded "Stairway to Heaven" with this amp, and a Telecaster. I'm not sure but it does sound sweet. Of course I changed up a few things.

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Good workmanship...thanks for sharing the images.
Care to share the changes?
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That looks awesome.
Very neat...what brand are the three Linear pots?
They have interesting tabs on them
Changes include more capacitance, choke, pretty much compulsory when doing reworks, 5AR4 rectifier, 6V6 outputs, MM early tweed Super OPT. The original circuit had 2 volumes, one tone but the Harmony chassis I built on has 2 of each, mixing resistors going into the PI. Each channel has different voicing via cathode connections, that's pretty much it. The chassis resides in a 2 x 10 combo cabinet that I had posted awhile back. I dug back in for a 2nd look, cleaning up some things. The pots are Ruwido and when I bought them from a retired tech, they had no nuts, no biggie I thought, but had a devil of a time sourcing metric nuts to fit. Quality stuff, wish I had more values.
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