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That was the first Fender amp I ever owned. I bought one brand new in 1980 on a friends recommendation (like, Dude, the Nuge plays 'em). This was when you could get Tweeds and BF amps in pawnshops dirt cheap, but no, I had to have the biggest, newest, most number of watts available amp :confused-smiley-010

Worst piece of crap I've ever owned (I think I paid over $1k in 1980 ). It almost made me give up playing guitar.

It worked intermittantly and burned tubes like crazy but no tech could ever figure it out. It sounded OK clean and loud (when it was working) but the "distortion" channel was shite. Inside the chassis it is a complete rats nest (I'm sure you know this by now).

I sold mine about 6 years ago for about $400 (I think the tubes in it were worth that much). Good luck with it anyways.

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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