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Super Twin Reverb

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I just got given a Super Twin Reverb chassis. Mostly complete and nothing I can't put back together. Anyone ever own or play one of these? The idea of 180 watts of Fender clean is slightly scary. It is pretty rough so it might end up as a blackface twin clone or a frankenmarshall, not sure yet.
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Fender Amp Guide:

Maybe 180 watts is a bit of overkill. But imagine a pyramid of six of these instead of a bunch of Marshall full stacks back in 1980. :rockon2:
The first thing that ran through my mind was "marshall major clone". I actually ran into a guy last night who used to own one. He said that it was similar to a twin for clean sound, the fancy eq section was so so and the distortion was utterly crap, I beleive he used the phrase "like someone stepping on a duck". This thing is pretty beat so I won't be ruining any future "collectors value" so it might end up as a project. Apprantly this isn't one of Rivera's better designs.

The power transformer on this thing is massive. I've got a head case that was made years ago for putting a twin chassis in. This thing has all the same dimensions as a twin, but the transformer is so big it won't fit in the head case because it is so much higher than a twins.
Old Twin

Too bad about the condition,But hey... it sounds like a "deadly project piece!" Awsome,,you can do a lot of shit with that head ! Iv'e got a 1980 Fender "75" Rivera Design,and my tech. pal says he could do some pretty cool Mods on it but,,,I like the way she sounds right now.But your amp is a perfect candidate for Rodding. What all do you have ? the whole thing? or no Cabinet ?---L.B.
Yeah it could be an interesting amp, still can't decide whether do to it up to original specs or what. I don't have the cab or speakers, but that's okay, they weighed a ton and I don't need anymore large combos. I have a super champ that I love, so might try and get this thing back to original to see what she sounds like.

Looks like the only thing I don't have in my parts bin is a reverb transformer. I was sure I had one, will have to dig intothe dark abyss that is my parts again. It's missing a couple of tube sockets, caps and there are a couple of buggered up pots, but the output tranny and power tranny are good so that is the biggest thing.

A friend of mine dropped it off. He got it from another fellow who found it in the garage of the house they just bought. He figured I could use it for parts.
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That was the first Fender amp I ever owned. I bought one brand new in 1980 on a friends recommendation (like, Dude, the Nuge plays 'em). This was when you could get Tweeds and BF amps in pawnshops dirt cheap, but no, I had to have the biggest, newest, most number of watts available amp :confused-smiley-010

Worst piece of crap I've ever owned (I think I paid over $1k in 1980 ). It almost made me give up playing guitar.

It worked intermittantly and burned tubes like crazy but no tech could ever figure it out. It sounded OK clean and loud (when it was working) but the "distortion" channel was shite. Inside the chassis it is a complete rats nest (I'm sure you know this by now).

I sold mine about 6 years ago for about $400 (I think the tubes in it were worth that much). Good luck with it anyways.

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