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Summer movies...........

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May sweeps is on TV, and the summer blockbusters are starting to surface. X Men III, DaVinci Code look to be the biggies. The remake of the Posidan Adventure looks better than I ever thought it would. What will be the movie of the summer?..............
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This is easy:

Trailer Park Boys "The Movie". :food-smiley-004:
So far the one that I would like to see is the DaVinci Code.
Jeff Flowerday said:
This is easy:

Trailer Park Boys "The Movie". :food-smiley-004:
For sure! With a big bag of Jal-ap-a-no chips for snacks!

I didnt see the Trailer Park Boys listed here............
I plan on seeing X-Men 3, Superman Returns and Casino Royal. May is going to be a great month indeed.

Edit: MI 3 too!!!
So where are we with the latest releases. I was all excited about going to see the Davinci Code but then it was panned pretty heavily. So I went and got the book, half way through it and it very good. Has anyone seen the movie. The critics (some of them) are saying it's too long and boring in spots.
While I like The DiVinci Code, I thought it had alot of mediocre spots. I felt that in points of the movie Tom Hanks was there just to pick up a pay check. Maybe Ron Howard has become complacient in his old age..........
Saw Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby on Saturday. I laughed so hard I had tears rolling down my cheeks.
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