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I heard about this project some time ago. Like, it was some crazy rumour that would never happen, right?
Then a couple of weeks ago I got a sampling and WOW was I blown away.
It's one thing to write a cross over tune. You know, one that would play on country as well as pop stations. But to write one that you know was going to be a hit... you got a better chance at Lotto.
So, how about taking a country tune and turning it on it's side? Funk it up, add lots of electric effects and you get country / pop or what ever they are calling it these days. Been there, done that, it's old news
BUT.... To take heavy metal, pop / rock classics and make 'em..... drum roll please, pure BLUEGRASS! It's pure genius!
It's da BOMB! I she-it you not!
Yes, David Lee Roth does do a couple of tracks. Now here is where it really gets scary. He does just as good a job singing 'em countrified as he did wailin' 'em as a rocker. (and I'm a DLR Van Halen fan, not a big Sammy Hagar Van Halen fan)
Now you may not agree but at least give it a listen. Head over to your local music centre, (the one that let's you hear before you buy). Or if you have high speed try the tracks on the website. Check it out at Strummin' with the Devil .com
I gair-run-tee you'll be amazed. At the very least you'll be amused. Heck I can't stop laughing out loud when I hear the bluegrass version of Eddie's biggest claim to fame, Eruption as played on the banjo.
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