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I found several posts in other Kijiji categories that say "Fraud Alert" and say this:

There are several new ads on here (kijiji) DAILY that are scams. Beware!!!
The cheesy looking green '95 Toyota Supra 'turbo' listed just below is a scam.

(although anyone interested in anything that goofy almost deserves to lose their money)


The Yamaha ATV and Mustang 'Turbo' listed below are both scams also.


If the location of the vehicle (or bike or equipment) is Calgary but, the seller describes somewhere else in his email and says he had to move away for whatever reason.......IT'S A SCAM.

If the seller states that the money will stay with a safe 3rd party and he'll pay for shipping -- IT'S A SCAM.

Most of all, if it's not available for viewing HERE when the location says it's here.....IT'S A SCAM. (You'll usually get some hokey-pokey story about having to move away for business or an out-of-town funeral or........).

If the price seems too low, typically by 1/5th of what it should be.......stay away. (Did you seriously believe someone honest would try sell their '06 Mustang for $6000?!?!?! C'mon now)

This is not a posting from Kijiji. I'm just a private guy that felt everyone should know. I report several to kijiji every day but they're doing nothing about stopping these lowlifes from entering them again.

Today's new scams include the aforementioned Supra, Mustang and ATV although, there's more as well. Hopefully, they will be removed in the next couple hours as they've been reported.

Typically, these scams include 'special interest' vehicles. Modified cars, Harley-type bikes, and construction equipment. Generally speaking, these are items aren't readily available locally and that a person might be coaxed to buy from elsewhere.

Be careful everyone and don't send your money away to anyone regardless of how good it might sound.

Any questions, please write. I am quite familiar with these matters. If you've already sent your money, you have been defrauded and have to contact the R.C.M.P. as soon as possible. You'll never get justice or your money back but, it has to be reported nevertheless.

Tell people about this posting and...Help me to stop (or slow down) these a-holes!!!

Thanks for reading this.

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Truth is I bought a 59 Strat in about 1986 or 87 for $1800. It was a wonderful guitar. I mean, it REALLY had a singing tone.

I sold it for just over $2000. a few weeks later. I couldn't jusify using such a piece in bars and also I was able to buy two guitars and have some walking around money with the money.

The 59 I had WAS worth at least what I paid, but even now I wouldn't pay much more than that for it.

I really like guitars, but after all, they're just tools.

Now to an investor or collector they have a different value altogether.
But the problem with these instruments, as you've stated, is that they can only see action in the studio, I would be too afraid to play it out for fear of damage or whatever. It's kinda like rare old cars, odds are, you're not gonna ride a restored vintage Rolls Royce to work every day:smile:.
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