1) AllParts - vintage tint, 21 feet, C carve. In excellent condition. Drilled for vintage style tuners.


2) MIM Fender - I don’t think this one has very been installed…it’s not even drilled for neck screws. C carve. No nut.


3) Fender Deluxe USA Strat - this is a funny one. A previous owner had stained the fretboard. After about 395 hours of trying to remove the stain this was the result. I had intended to reapply a new decal and refinish it but I don’t ‘need’ it and my interest wained. No markings aside from the factory info sticker on the neck heel, but it is absolutely a fender Deluxe Strat neck. Without the decals and all it’s still that!! Great C carve, frets are still very good.


Shipping available. $600 for all three.

No trades, sorry.
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