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I was asking on the guitar world forums about a month ago about the SG/V guitar Zakk Wylde had, and a guy (Nirvalica) told a story about this camo LP.

in nashville, they have a store of just gibson stuff in the mall (opry mills if you wanna search it) and you can go in and try stuff. well, i really wanted to try the '59 reissue and i figured the guys wouldn't let me if i asked, so i just took it down off the wall and was going to go plug it in. the guy caught me and told me i couldn't try it unless i was serious about buying it. and then he said he didn't want it nicked up like what happened to a zakk wylde custom bullseye LP (the white one w/ camo bullseye). then he took that one off the shelf and showed me where there was a dent. then he told me that a few days before, zakk was in that store and he tried that guitar out and accidentally dented it. then he started complaining about how is he supposed to sell that now that zakk dented it and how because it was zakk, they didn't get mad. i was thinkin if i wanted to buy a zakk Lp, why wouldn't i want one that was played and dented by the man himself.
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