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This was forwarded to me today. Please keep an eye open for these:

The guitar: 1998 Gregory Stuart Byers, Willits, Ca.
If you look inside with a mirror you will see the serial number 105 on the upper bow. - cedar top, Rosewood back and sides

The violin: has no label
- 100 yr old European 3/4 violin. it might look like a little scratched up fiddle to someone who did not know.
- case kind of beat up too, red "fur" on the inside and two bows
- one baroque bow. Has a kind of curled up tip.
-other bow has a name plate on it but we forget what that was, however it has a repaired break and you can see a glue line along the wood if you look carefully.

If found contact Heather - [email protected]
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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