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I saw this ad for stolen gear on my kijiji in Charlottetown, thought I should post it in here:

Stolen Music Gear! | guitars | Charlottetown | Kijiji

Here is the text:

I would greatly appreciate it if you kept your eyes open for any of these instruments. These were all stolen from me in Vernon BC.
If you see them please report to the police or contact me. I am absolutely devastated that my family and I have lost everything that we had worked so hard for.
There is a further description on my Facebook page: " Our UHAUL Truck was Stolen ".
Our UHAUL Truck was Stolen


--Red Gibson Custom Shop ES-355 Electric Guitar- # 11815733
(Bare Knuckle Pickups 'Riff Raff' Gold Humbuckers with Black Screws, Gold Hardware, Gold Vibramate String Spoiler, Gold Gotoh 510s Guitar Tuners, Gold Skull Knobs, Gibson guitar strap attached to guitar, Brown Gibson Case)

--Black Gibson ES-335 Electric Guitar- Serial # 00564725
(white pickguard, lightly sanded neck, skull knobs, Lollar Regal Humbuckers, Callahan Solid Steel Bridge and Stopbar, Gotoh Guitar Tuners, Black Gibson Case)

--Gibson SJ-200 Acoustic Guitar - # 10305060, (tobacco burst, Leather strap in case, factory installed pickup, Gold Strap lock added where neck meets body-totally unique as I added this, MINT-Black Gibson case)

--Gibson Hummingbird Acoustic Guitar - # 02762025, (Small chip on head stock, well played but good condition, some wear on the pickguard, no pickups, Black Gibson Case)

--Rickenbacker 4003 White Bass Guitar - # 04-37807,
(custom paint job by Basone Guitars in Vancouver, painted white over the original Fireglo paintjob (fire-glo), Black marked up Rectangular Rickenbacker Case, Joe Barden Pickups (JBE), Hipshot Bridge)

--White Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray Bass Guitar - # E90234, (matching white headstock, white pickguard with black pickup, Black Ernie Ball Rectangular Case)

--White Fender Custom Shop Telecaster - # CZ512810, Bare Knuckle Piledriver Telecaster Pickups, Flame Maple Neck, Rosewood Fretboard, Had a Black Taped X with red tape X overtop on the body, along with Sticker letters spelling "HELLO" on the bottom side, Black rectangular well used fender case)

--Matchless DC30R Amplifier Head - # A20889, (Was a combo DC30R but was placed into Black and Tan Matchless Head Box, so has a Spring Reverb Tank inside the amp head, DC30R is for the combo amps and HC30R is for the heads with reverb, someone who knows amps can definitely tell this is a combo amp placed into a head cabinet, Covered in a Black D2F padded cover .)

--65 Amps 2x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet -- Black and Tan,
(Contains a Celestion Alnico Gold Speaker and a Celestion Heritage G12H Speaker, both 8 Ohms., Covered in a padded Zip Up Black Cover)

-Yamaha Black Acoustic Guitar (in a Black Gator Brand Case with backpack straps. Mint)

-Phil Jones Bass Briefcase Amp -- Red -- (size of a desktop computer, Covered in a stock Black cover)

-Korg Microkorg XL -- Red -in a Black Padded Gator gig bag - MINT.

-Pedaltrain Pedalboard covered with guitar effect pedals -- 2 Paul Cochrane Tim Pedals , Timmy, Analogman King of Tone, Strymon Timeline, Strymon El Capiston, Strymon Bigsky, Digitech Whammy WH1 w/ Analongman True Bypass Mod, Digitech Whammy WH5, Xotic X-Blender, 2 TheGigRig Z Cables, TheGigRig Humdinger, 2 Sonic Research Turbo Tuner, Keeley Tremolo Boss TR2, Keeley Boss TS808, Keeleey 4 knob compressor, 2 MXR Smart Gate, 2 Tone Monk Seed of Life, 2 Empress ParaEQ, Earthquake Devices Dispatch Master, Skreddy Lunar Module Mini Custom, Clinch FX EP Pre, Clinch FX EP Plus, Cusack More Louder, Xotic X-Blender, 2
Fromel Amp Candy EQ, Diamond Compressor, Keeley Looper, Keeley Tremolo TR2, JHS Klone, Klon V2, Peterson Strobostomp 2, Eventide Space, Lovepedal Babyface Tremolo, Cusack Tap-a-whirl, Cusack More Louder (pink), 2 Modded Custom Ernie Ball Volume Pedals, TC Electronic Ditto Looper, TC Electronic Poly Tune Mini, Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI, 2 T1M Mini Buffer, T1M Stutter, JHS Klone, 2 Emperss ParaEQ,

-5 Planet Waves 20' Instrument Cables,

-2 Essential Sound Products Music Cord Pro power cables, (in black bags)

- Monster Power Pro 950 in a wooden box painted black
- Monster Power Pro 2500 in a wooden box painted black
-CIOKS CIOKOLATE -- Brown Pedal Power Center
-2 Voodoo Labs PP2+
-Voodoo Labs ISO-5
-3 Shure SM57 Mics
-2 Shure SM58 Mics
-2 Shure Beta 58A Mics
-Electro Voice RE20

Besides my family, this gear was my life.
I've worked so hard for this and have sacrificed practically everything to get it, to play and create music.

I will give whatever reward I can to get them back.

Please Please Please Please help me find my guitars.

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I saw this ad on my local Kijiji about 2-3 weeks ago. As I don't use FB, I emailed the gentleman via Kijiji to let him know about our forum and the GC FB page. Got a reply from him the same evening.

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Certainly not the first unfortunate musician nor the last, when you rent UHAUL they print their name in extra large letters and the scum bags who steal working musicians tools look for these easily identified movers. Hope they can find some or all of their equipment.

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that really sucks, did he post any details about how they stole the truck?

I cannot see anything past the intial splash screen as I'm not a facebook user

but it would be good to know what happened

I will keep my eyes out for any of that stuff. poor guy!!

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I think of crap like this every time I see a 7 passenger van with a cargo trailer behind it. I know some gigging dudes in Vernon and Kelowna, I'll forward this.

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Nothing has ever turned up. Whoever has this equipment must know that it was stolen when they bought it. Im really upset at how not a single item has ever been found.

Bumping this as maybe someone somewhere sometime will find something.
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