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A couple weeks ago I found out that two of my buddy @ramblinambassadors Brent Cooper’s guitars that were recently stolen. One of them (1960 Gretsch 6120) was intercepted and recovered at a Long & McQuade on 58th Ave S in Calgary.

The other (‘52 Gibson ES-295) is still at large. Keep your eyes it seems the thieves have attempted to move it recently within Calgary.

ALERT!! this stolen Gibson ES-295 was spotted at Long &McQuade Music (Calgary, 3504 5 ave NE) Saturday Nov 3. the guitar is easily identified by its extensive play wear, gold finish (except back of neck and headstock), bigsby trem, black pickup covers and gretsch bridge. It is likely in a newer Gibson case. Please, please stick your nose into any pawn shop, music store, Cash Converters or the like and ask. Please like and share. DM or call Calgary Police file #18493439. the missing Gretsch 6120 was recovered at another L&M. thank you!!! (Cut and pasted from @floortomjones and still valid!)

The 1952 Gibson ES-295. Serial # A12060. All gold finish, except back of neck and headstock. Extensive playwear. Bigsby tailpiece, Gretsch “space control” bridge, black pick-up covers, Grover tuners, large frets, black graphite nut. One unoriginal speed knob. Small “made in USA” stamp on back of headstock retained some gold paint. The guitar will likely be in a newer Gibson Hollowbody case. Leather strap with nickel buckle on guitar

This guitar is very special to my old band-mate Brent Cooper. He has had it forever and used it on several of our old band Huevos Rancheros Records, Videos and on several tours. He has also used it extensively in his band the Rambling Ambassodors on recordings and touring. If you see anyone trying to sell it, pawn it, pass it off as theirs please contact the Calgary Police Service at the file number above, and please feel free to send me any questions you have about it via DM preferably. He also has it advertised on Kijiji Calgary as being stolen and offering a reward.

GIBSON ES-295 STOLEN REWARD Gibson vintage electric guitar | Guitars | Calgary | Kijiji


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