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Got to see the Eagles at the ACC in Toronto a couple weeks ago and it was a great concert. I'm not a big Eagles fan but I know all the classics and love alot of their songs. I'm semi familiar with the band and some of the past members. I'm a Vince Gill fan and definitely a Joe Walsh fan but I hadn't really heard of Steuart Smith despite how long he's been touring with them. However I am not a Steuart Smith fan. He was a joy to sit and listen to.
I liked how the audience was a "sit and listen" type of crowd. Not like the "up and out of their seats" kind like the crowd my wife was a part of the week before at the Shania Twain concert.
I was surprised that Vince Gill had more lead vocal calls than anyone else in the band. Even singing some Don Henley lead songs. Don't get that since Don Henley was there.
Deacon Frey was great and you could hear his dad in his voice.
Highlight of the night was the solo horn intro leading in to Hotel California. Would love to have a recording of that.
Now looking forward to Diamond Rio August 17 then Keith Urban in September.
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