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Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass.

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Bought this just under two years ago. After playing bass in my 2nd League of Rock Experience (won that in a contest too), I thought should get one. This one cost me $200 used. I use it to noodle on once in a while. Bass is fun. I got a little Ampeg BA-108 to go along with it for $100 used with an Eminence Alpha 8 replacement speaker. I like the profile of the J-Bass neck - small hands appreciate it.

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Everybody should a least have a Jazz bass !!! :cool:
I get by with an old Japanese P-bass copy in my jam room. Kind of the Kraft Dinner of bass guitars for rock/blues bands. I'd love a Jazz too, but if I could only have one ........ most bass players seem very comfortable on that P-bass.
You dont have to sell me on Japan made Basses... they are some of my favorites. A jazz bass neck is just slimmer and more confortable for most user not use to playing on a P bass...
I got my Unicord P-bass copy for less than $100 about 40 years ago. And I nearly got fired for the opportunism. LOL
If thats an old Univox, you got a great P bass !!! :cool:
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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