Excellent condition, has always worked perfectly. Runs dead silent. Still has original tubes.
I really disliked the stock Red, White & Blues speaker and swapped it out for a Warehouse 12” G12 C/S.
I immediately liked the C/S better and is a great pairing. (I no longer have the RW&B speaker)
This amps cabinet is a bit larger than a Princeton’s and it sounds big and full and is my favourite “beefed up” Princeton that I have played. 19 watts. The amp has a “Headroom“ knob which allows you to lower the amps volume and make it very friendly to play at home. It can also add some grit at more extreme settings. Feel free to ask me questions.
I purchased the amp brand new a year and a bit ago and I still have the original box and packing materials. There are a few white scuffs at the bottom of one side of the amp at the back. The Tolex is not ripped however. Shown in pic
$2200 + shipping.