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Not sure if it's in the good section...sorry!

I've seen a couple of them for sale on the internet (ebay and other sites) and I want to know what do you think of them and how they sound? Is it more like a p90 or it's like a normal humbucker or maybe a specific tone! Just curios about that, I never saw that before!
Thanks all!

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hi there, just noticed your post:

I've had splitable hums before and now own a couple by lindy fralin:

the principle is: there are 4 conductor wire so as to be able to tap one of the coils for a "single coil" option.

my experience with say a regular humbucker was "ho hum" : problem is, the split sound is quite weak in a conventional hum, some like the option, but I found the sound too weak and anemic.

the one that I think does this best is the fralin "unbucker" or any good quality "uneven wound" hum.

the unbucker from fralin has different amounts of windings on each coil and they tap the coil with the most windings, this makes a big difference, because it gives you a more believable coil split sound, actually usable !

the sound of this pu in regular mode is great as well, alot of paf's were wound unevenly as well, to my ear it is more "clear", not dark and muddy as some hums get, a great pu if you desire a vintage tone with good note definition and clarity, it still has humbucker tone, just "clearer".

they are not p90 ish @ all, for that I would suggest the fralin p92's, which are hum sized , p90ish sounding with the benefit of low noise .

back on the splittables: just a note: because the coils are different winds, the pu itself is only 2/3's hum-cancelling, but I did not notice, it was plenty quiet. I think Jason lollar can do something like this as well, any good winder can do this for you!
hope that helps, good like trying some out.
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