For sale is my Splawn Quick Rod. This is a first year model, with 3 preamp tubes. This amp was my gigging amp but is in very good condition as seen in the pics. Always travelled in a road case.The power transformer died during Covid and after consulting with Scott Splawn, I replaced it with a Hammond (Marshall type) power transformer with the same specs as the ones Scott now uses. I then installed new power tubes and biased the amp. Comes with the Splawn original footswitch.
The video link is an older video, but this is the same amp and even if low quality, you can hear the awesome tone of the amp.
This now sells for 2600 USD +Custom Tolex+Shipping+taxes+Import fees.That's 4500$ CAD if not more.
Would consider a trade deal on a AXE FX III or FM9
Thanks for looking.