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am poking away re-speakering a 4X12 cabinet and was debating buying grill fabric instead of the supplied diamond type expanded metal (which I don't like, kinda "homemade" looking to me)
got looking at my Yorkville speakers and 2 yorkie amps and they use this "preforated" metal grill stuff and it looks like it was powder coated black.
this stuff comes 1/8" thick full of 1/8" round holes (other variations) and I just found some I think I'm going to have to retolex the darn thing. this should also do wonders for my tone...trouble is I've never been a fan of "heavy metal"......on a 4X12 whats a little more weight. IMHO I think this stuff would look good on an amp front, for those of you building their own cabs.
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