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Speaker damage

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So I have this old G12M-70 with a tear/puncture in the cone surround. Can I fix this? Do I need to fix this?

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Yes you can fix it.

Best is to replace the surround. You can get the parts (cloth surropund, undoped or predoped, the proper adhesive, replacement gasket, and dope if buying undoped surround) online from any reconer.

You can get away with just gooping up the rip with the same or similar dope that it was originally treated with - again you can get that stuff from online suppliers or a local reconer; other products (from a generic hardware store) may also work.

Easiest/cheapest is to do what I do for (paper) cone rips: use some white or wood glue (diluted with water so as to be less bulky and allow for thinner coats) and TP.
- paint diluted glue on with a brush on both sides around the rip
- take 1 ply of toilet paper (seperate the plys if you use multiply) and fashion a patch - not too big, you don't want to add any more bulk than you have to)
- place the patch on the still drying waterred down glue on the underside of the rip (so not visible when mounted in cab - not gonna be pretty)
- paint another layer of glue on top of that patch
- if it doesn't feel solid add more coats of glue or even additional TP patches until satisfied strong - sometimes bolloks to aesthetics you may need to patch from the top as well as the botrtom).
- allow to dry for at least 24 hours before running signal through it.

This will be a bit more challenging than a typical cone repair due to the corrugation of the surround, but doable - I've done it (though it was a paper all in one cone + surround vs this which is a paper cone and a glued on cloth surround byu the looks of it).
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I would avoid replacing that surround but repair the tear from behind with the paper and glue granny describes above. I’ve replaced many hifi speaker surrounds (rotten foam) and it’s not straight forward. Not hard but it is finicky.
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