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In the next couple of months. I'll be changing the speakers in a couple of amps.

The first is Gibson GA-5 RI. Very similar to a Tweed Champ, but grittier and breaks up earlier. Has an EL84 instead of a 6V6. The Goldtone speaker is actually a Weber Signature 8S ($24 US). Got that piece of info straight from the horse's mouth. (Ted Weber). I was thinking going with one of three Weber speakers (when it comes to 4 ohm 8" speakers Weber has the only wide selections of choices)

This amp is nice, but it starts to break up around 9:30 and by 10:00 it's in overdrive. I'm going to change tubes, starting with a 5751 in place of the 12AX7. I'll go to 12A_7 if needed. I'd like to get more power tube OD. So would this matter much with any of the following speakers?

There is the 8F-125-0 it is described as or late BF and all SF Champs with 8" speaker, and to replace Oxfords and vintage Chicago Jensens. 8", 30oz ceramic magnet, 20 watts, 1-1/4" voice coil, straight cone. Warm, crunchy, early breakup, aggressive. Louder and more aggressive than the 8F100 due to the larger magnet and voice coil. Will not fit in tweed and early BF Champs.

Then there is the 8F-125. For late BF and all SF Champs with 8" speaker and to replace vintage Chicago Jensen and Oxford 8" speakers for a much louder and much more aggressive tone. 8", 30oz ceramic magnet, 20 or 30 watts, 1-1/4" voice coil, ribbed cone. Loud as heck for an 8", aggressive, bright, later breakup. Will not fit in tweed and early BF Champs.

Lastly there is 8F-125T. For replacement of vintage Chicago Jensen P8R, P8Q, C8R, and other 8" applications. 8", 30oz Ceramic magnet, 20 or 30 watts, 1-1/4" voice coil, ribbed cone. Bright, detailed, later breaker. Very loud and aggressive for an 8" speaker. Will not fit in tweed and early BF Champs.

I admit I like warm and crunchy, but I would rather it start around 1:30 and peak at 3:00 (If I want it earlier, at a lower volume I can use a tube screamer). In other words, I trying to make it a cleaner tweed, but still a tweed.

Also, does it matter if it is 20 or 30 watts.

Thanks,... ...Robert

P.S. The speakers will fit - I've measured.

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Hi, you could also try the Milkman Amps route and put a Jupiter 12la in there (50 watts!). I know you're first instinct is to think I'm nuts, but Milkman amps prefers this speaker for their 5 watt amp. I asked why and received this message:

"I like the 25W Jupiter speakers too and I can put that speaker into any amp that is wattage appropriate. I prefer the 50W version because they are more efficient so they give low wattage amps more of a presence but I have built plenty of amps with the 25W version too."

I also spoke with the guy at Fat Jimmy Amps/Speakers and he said this:

"WGS speakers, at least the ones I’m familiar with, have an uncanny ability to work incredibly well with low powered amps. Even the higher wattage speakers… often not the case with other manufacturers."

Both Jupiter Speakers and Fat Jimmy speakers are made by WGS, so these are all variants of the same thing. If you're looking to make your little amp sound bigger, it might be worth a try. I'm planning to do the same thing with a little octal amp that I have.

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Wow, just realized this thread is 15 years old!

Don't worry, it happens to all of us at some point in time.

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