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Speaker Change Part II

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This doen't ramble on and on and on like the other Post. I have a Roland Blues Cube BC30 (30w 1x12). Definitely one of the better SS Analog Amps that were made. I just want to try something different. I've got it narrowed to something with a British Flavour. An Eminence Legend GB128, Eminence Red Coat Govenor, or a Celestion Vintage 30 (50w,75w,60w). Now this is based on what I've read and the specs.

Anybody any experience with theses speakers? What works in a combo? Pedals?

Thanks again,... ...robert
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I recommend either the Gov or the V30. IMO the 128 is a step down from these speakers.

For combos I actually like the Eminence Private Jack better than the Governor; I've had very good luck with the PJ in open backs. The Gov is a GREAT closed back speaker.

Hope that helps.

I like the Private jack too. Nice and "complete".
I had a Legend GB128 in a Traynor YGM3 and loved it. Great speaker for the price. It sounded like an improved version of a Greenback, with much better lows to my ears.
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