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Speaker advice

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I'm looking for a pair of 12's capable of handling the output of a twin reverb. Looking for opinions on what to put in and where to get them. The person that owns the amps is into skynrd, gary moore etc.. His budget is about 400.00 . I was checking into the Eminence Delta pro 12A which is suppose to be like the black label EVM 12L. Thanks in advance.....
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After reading about them a million times on various forums, I put Weber speakers in both my 14 Tweed Champ clone and my Princeton Reverb. I gotta say everything they say about them is true. I can't believe how great they sound. They are pricey, but you could find them within your budget (I paid under $300 for 2). I'd email Weber from his site and ask him what would sound good with the amp. I went with his advice for my Princeton and am very happy. I then managed to track down someone selling the speaker in Canada for about $50 less, and no duty or high shipping costs.

All that being said, I have owned a couple of Eminence speakers and was pretty impressed with them for the price.
Both were private sales. StevieMac had 2 for sale on here! I bought a 12A125 from him.

I bought one from the amp tech I use in Guelph too (12F150). He builds amps and had a bunch of new ones. He offered me one 'at cost' which was actually less than at cost because it was in Canadian $'s. And I didn't have to pay shipping or duty.

I needed 2 speakers for 2 amps was able to find both of those within a week of looking.
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