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As a kid, I did get the stick quite a few times, though I may have deserved some sort of 'punishment', spanking never cured anything, it may have made me pull in my horns to alleviate the crisis at hand, but in retrospect, it made me bitter and vengeful, to this day! The psychological and emotional abuse was worse. Ok, I'm getting upset now....

As a parent, I am lucky, I was always able to talk to my kid and the few times that I couldn't get thru, then it was restrictions/loss of liberty/privileges that worked. I just couldn't bring myself to assault my daughter. And she turned out very well.

Though there are a few people out there that I would love to slip them some sid, tie them up naked in the back of my truck, take them thru a car wash with the hot wax and then spank them. :eek: All while wearing leather and stiletto boots. :)

1 - 1 of 72 Posts
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