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...hard to believe that in 2007 there are some who still defend this barabaric substitute for good parenting skills. my theory is that the same parents who advocate spanking are the ones whose "no" actually means "try harder". the same parents who will subsequently complain "i can't do anything with him/her".

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ne1roc said:
There are also many parents who succesfully raise their kids with physical discipline.
Exactly. Different people, different needs, different techniques.

What makes you think you're so right, David Henman? Usually you're pretty balanced on issues, but on this one you're really up there on a high horse, looking down on the "barbarians". And sure, we can split hairs on the paraphrasing of your original post, but I think it's pretty clear to everyone that if you describe corporal punishment as "barbaric", it's obviously barbarians that would deal out the punishment. I don't think that conclusion is a stretch by any means.

Also, you're being kind of hypocritical, because you dismissed ne1roc's request for you to provide some facts supporting your opinion, yet on the first page you asked GuitaristZ for proof of his theory about unruly kids.
1 - 1 of 72 Posts
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