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...hard to believe that in 2007 there are some who still defend this barabaric substitute for good parenting skills. my theory is that the same parents who advocate spanking are the ones whose "no" actually means "try harder". the same parents who will subsequently complain "i can't do anything with him/her".

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more than a few times my father scared the crap out of me when he`d lose his temper. He did hit me sometimes and other times just kinda shake me around not to mention the things he said...and thats why I don`t have kids...too afraid I`d do the same thing.
Over here parents hit their kids on the head, usually on the top with a pretty hard slap, sometimes it`s just a very light tap when they`re kidding but when they get serious it`s hard... I don`t like it but what can I do, I`m just visiting.
My sister and her husband have never ever hit their kids and they`ve grown up to be really nice young adults so I don`t think it`s necessary to spank kids.
1 - 2 of 72 Posts
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