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david henman said:
...hard to believe that in 2007 there are some who still defend this barabaric substitute for good parenting skills. my theory is that the same parents who advocate spanking are the ones whose "no" actually means "try harder". the same parents who will subsequently complain "i can't do anything with him/her".

This is a tough one............I remember when i was young I used to be dealt with by corporal punishment when I did something wrong and I did do some incredibly wrong things.............and I turned out okay.
Some say its is if you are doing it on a regular basis and are causing broken bones bruises etc.... and this is illegal.
I have 6 kids of my own and although I was guilty of losing it sometimes when I was a young parent and did spank them when I thought it was warranted, which was not very often. I learned that in my case, that depriving them of privileges works a lot better when discipline was the goal.
On the other side of the coin.......the 3 eldest in our family myself included were given a royal shellacing when we screwed up........with my 3 younger siblings my parents decided that they didnt want that approach with them...they were getting older and decided it didnt help us.......but I think it did.
I have noticed that my younger siblings dont have the high degree of respect for my parents as us older ones. They also are still clinging to them and rely on them too much.
With some kids, you can talk to them until you are blue in the face, deprive them of privileges and it doesnt work at all.
luckily mine do listen but I have to repeat myself a lot. All we can do is guide them because they will do what they want anyway.
1 - 1 of 72 Posts
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