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Hi everyone,

I have read extensively many threads on sound isolation here, on gearslutz as well and it's already been incredibly informative. I've also done research in other forums, and have spent considerable time reading Rod Gervais's book (my main guide).

Overview: I am going to try to isolate as best and realistically as possible a room (already drywalled) in my basement for rehearsing with my band (a rock trio). We play loud, but are going to try to keep things down as much as possible. If it's too loud in the future we are open to using damping pads on the drums, even going with an electronic kit if need be. But we play during business hours so few people are around and I'd like to play as natural as possible.

I am adding green glue (two tubes per sheet) and 5/8" drywall to all existing walls (I imagine they are 1/2") and the ceiling, and painstakingly isolating the windows (with plugs) and doors (creating super doors). Floor is poured concrete over the earth. The house is from 1922.

The issue: One wall of this basement might give me complications. It is a wall that is up against the foundation that is shared with my neighbour. The issue is that the wall has three sections if you will - all have the pink fluffy insulation, but none have been sealed in with drywall in the area where the wall "meets" the foundation wall.

1st section: seems to be as close to the foundation wall as possible. I understand that I wouldn't want drywall here anyway due to the triple-leaf effect.

2nd section: is about 6" away from the same foundation wall.

3rd section is about 2 feet away.

Here's the question: Should the 2nd and 3rd sections be sealed with drywall? If so, the major issue is that the area needed to perform any installation of drywall is inaccessible due to pipes and vents from our gas furnace. This explains why the wall is so odd. I would have to have a gas company come in and temporarily remove a gas line... Or should I just build single-leaf "super walls" on the source side with extra drywall (and green glue?)?

Any recommendations with regard to this wall? I kindly ask that you please refrain from trying to have me second-guess the entire project. Lots of time, effort, money and thought has already gone into it.

I have already bought the green glue and the build itself will begin in about 10 days, and will be done by myself with a contractor.
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