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Thinning down a collection of guitars is not a fun thing for me. If I own it, I like it.

Selling local on Kijiji has been extremely frustrating. About 90% of the locals who contacted me have no money and only want to trade. Then there is the idiot or two, that just spend their time harassing me and what I am selling. They actually placed ads, which I and several others got Kijiji to remove.

I was extremely happy to get a dozen offers from out of town, but long distance Kijiji is not easy or recommended.

I did meet the right guy from Montreal, and he was cautious and unsure; as he should be. Phone calls, texting, emails with pictures, and showing him this forum with my credibility; we made a deal. Not only did he buy the one guitar that I advertised; he also bought another. That was about 2 weeks ago.

I went to the Dr. today, and when I came home there was a large, heavy, parcel at the front door from the buyer. I opened it up and found a 750 ml bottle of award winning, Ultra Premium Pur Vodka, micro distilled in Montreal, (in a wooden gift case).

I promptly sent him a thank you for this unexpected gift, and promptly received a message back thanking me for making something possible for him, that really meant something to him.

A few weeks back, I felt good knowing that the guitars were going to the right guy, who would appreciate them. That kind of made my day, for about a week.

Today, I truly feel, that sometimes the right person comes along, and everything just works out for everyone involved. I am honoured, and truly appreciate the generous gesture from my new friend in Montreal.

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Wow....that's awesome. You sure got lucky. I'm in Montreal, and Kijiji is a nightmare. 99% of the ads are now dealer ads. When you place an ad, within 10 minutes its lost.
I have several guitars for sale, and I am not getting anywhere near decent offers.

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That's cool...there are good people out there.
A few years ago we sold our old Suzuki Sidekick to a guy I knew from work.
It had wiring issues that would take hours for a garage to track down/and or do a complete rewire.
We decided not to go through with it
I was up front about everything and the guy bought it anyway
A couple of months went buy and one day I saw our old jeep coming down our street.
He stopped at our place and came over to me in the yard,and handed me an envelope.
Told me him and his nephew took about 3 full weeks to trouble shoot and rewire everything but now it was all running well.
Inside the envelope was a card and another $100,..he said the jeep was in such good shape that I should have asked more for it and to go out and have dinner on him.

So we did.

thanks Tony

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Those are the kind of gifts that mean something; spontaneous. Great post!
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