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some really neat pedals Im sure you would all love haha

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Funny...I should pick me up some of those. I especially want the Stevie Ray Vaughannabe to hook it up to my accordion lol.
Here are some pedals you guys can enjoy (part of my effects collection):

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I was thinking I should get me one of those talent boosters.... but then I might need an Ego Compressor... :D
Kestral said:
Here are some pedals you guys can enjoy (part of my effects collection):

Yeah, I'm going to go ahead and get you to send me the Phase 90 and Distortion II. Thanks. None
lol, good choice. The Phase 90 is a 1974 with the BUD box. It's one of my favorite pedals because it only has one knob and every setting sounds good.

The MXR Distortion II and vintage grey DOD 250 are two of the best overdrives I've ever heard. I've gone through a lot of overdrive pedals and these ar the two that survived. Some of the ones I've bought and sold or tried out: TS-9 (vintage and reissue), TS-808 reissue, Analog Man modified TS-9, Maxon OD-808, Analog Man Maxon OD-808, Boss SD-1 (both Japan and Taiwan), Route 66, DOD YJM308, Way Huge Green Rhino, Bennett Brown Sound, oh man, too many to name.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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