Long time owned tube amp looking for a new home.

This particular model of Deputy was meant to be part of a larger 2x12 or 1x15 combo amp. A previous owner rehoused the chassis into a nice wood head cabinet. Has newer tolex, Fender style creme knobs, and an official Garnet logo.

-50ish watts
-6L6 power tubes,
-All tubes in it are about 7 years old and it was serviced when the tubes were done.
-hardwired, 3-prong grounded power cable

$500 plus actual shipping

Full disclosure: I am not the owner of this amp. I am listing it on behalf of my dear friend/bandmate. I've been standing next to this amp on stages/rehearsals for the better part of the past 20 years. I can fully vouch for the amp itself and the owner.

Youtube demo: