Here's a great MJT Esquire ...pine body and a chunky lightly flamed rounded Ted Stevenson neck. 6105 frets. Jeff Beck's favourite Tele pickup (as heard on "Guitar Shop"). So position 1 is around 9k, Poition 2 is around 6k and is twangier as a result, and Posistion 3 (neck) has a tone cap for a nice cocked Wah "honk"...I spent some time, energy and money making this guitar "right"... aged F bridge with aluminum saddles, Bakelite aged guard, authentic Serial # neck plate... At 6.4 lbs, it's very light and resonant. Comes with a brand new Fender gig bag. My guess is that this guitar will be popular and sell fast. So if you're interested, maybe don't wait around. [email protected] for EMT. Thanks for looking!