Very nice shape guitar for an almost 40 year old guitar. All original except the strap buttons were replaced before I owned it. The super 58 pickups from this timeframe are looked at as a golden era of pickups. I've had 4 Ibanez artists from different time frames and the early 80's are the golden years! This is a semi hollow as well so it weighs about 7.5 lbs. Which is great deal lighter than the 10+ lbs that the artists (AR100, 200, 300) go for.

The AM100 was only made in 1983, After this year they made an AM50, and AM200. They made the ES339 body size 25 years before Gibson decided to make the 339! Nice resonant guitar freshly setup with low action and 10-46 Ernie Ball strings.

Paint is in great shape, no marks or chips really, except by the input jack. Input jack is structurally sound.

$1300 shipped to wherever in Canada.