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Hi Folks
For sale is my (like new condition) VOX AC50CP2 combo amp.
This amp has the upgraded Celestion G12T-75 12" speakers.
My asking price is $800.00 with no shipping options.

Does anyone have a cool Gretsch Guitar to trade ( +/- cash ) ? *

Other features include:
The amp is a 50 watt RMS all tube amp
- 4 x 12ax7 preamp tubes and 2x EL-34 ( Mullard) power tubes
The AC50CP2 is a footswitchable 2 channel amp
  • channel 1 is based on the AC-30 top boost amplifier
  • channel 2 is a high gain channel with "bright" and "fat" switches
  • on board Spring Reverb ( Ruby 3EB2C1B ) is available to both channels
Modern features include an effects loop and a direct line out
Total weight for this tone machine is 74 Lbs.
you can find more specs here:

I will be willing to travel a reasonable distance to make the sale.
If you have any questions, please ask.





1 - 2 of 2 Posts