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Clearing out some pedals, as well as looking for a potential trade.

1. Boss MS3 Multieffects Switcher (Pretty much new in the box)

Great condition, absolutely amazing little unit! Let’s you integrate your analog pedals with its amazing built in boss effects. Has 3 foot switchable loops to keep your pedalboard signal clean, as well as tons of amazing effects to combine with your pedals.

The MS-3 is capable of running six internal pedal effects at once while seamlessly integrating three of your favourite external pedals. It also offers deep rig control capabilities, allowing you to switch amp channels, adjust effects in real time, work with MIDI devices, and more. Comes with original box and power supply! Only selling as I only use a few effects and don’t need all the capabilities it has! It’s a great piece of gear.


$425 shipped



2. Way Huge Blue Hippo Mk.3 analog chorus

Amazing sounding analog chorus pedal by Way Huge. Allegedly these are based on the old Boss CE2 chorus pedals which are very famous incredible sounding things. The Mk.3 version is the exact same as the Mark 2 just in a smaller more pedalboard friendly enclosure. I used this pedal, like many as a rotary speaker/leslie pedal, like Joe Bonamassa, and Michael Landau. Set both knobs at around 1 O'clock and it nails the fast leslie speed!



$170 shipped
Would trade for an EHX Pitchfork
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