This guitar was built by Neil Gardiner of Shedden, Ontario. Information is a bit thin on the internet and I do not have a depth of knowledge about acoustic builders. I have mostly found references of his guitars from about 2010 to 2015. This is a 2013. As the story goes he unfortunately developed a severe wood dust allergy and had to stop building.

I am the third owner. I bought it because it was so beautiful and I love the size. The body is fairly deep and it is a great couch guitar, but is loud enough for more than that. I use it mainly for fingerstyle but it strums along quite nicely. It is lightly and finely constructed, however when I got it it was not set up well, but I knew it had potential. The nut was too high, the frets heights were slightly uneven, and the bridge had a very slight lift in a couple of spots. It was very lightly played, likely for this reason. So I played it as is for a while in rotation with others. Three weeks ago I decided to put it up for sale as I just seem to play electric and I have an old Larrivee acoustic I can’t sell. I decided to solve any and all issues before sale so I took it to the 12th fret. Gord Barry reglued the bridge, did a full fret dress (it had no fret wear, but needed to be evened out to play its best), polish, nut filing, and setup. It now plays beautifully. Set up with light gauge strings. I have the receipt for this work I will include. I have not included the cost of this work in the price.

There are zero issues structurally or aesthetically. It has no cracks or humidity issues. Braces are all tight. My music area is always properly humidified and the previous owner seemed to do the same. There are no scratches or dings. My crappy phone does not take great pictures but in person it is just lovely. Comes with the original HS case in super condition. Local sale only. Was 2650 now $2400. Now 2100. Now 1950. It really is a beautiful instrument. :)

25.4” scale
Body: 4” depth, lower bout 13-¼”, upper bout 9-½”
Nut 1-¾’
Back and Sides: Claro Walnut
Top: Engelmann Spruce
Fingerboard: Ebony with walnut markers
Bridge: Ebony
Neck looks like mahogany to me but apparently is walnut
Gotoh 510 mini tuners
Traditional X brace
There are many fine details in the bindings, headstock, neck heel, and rosette