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Mr. David Severson said:
I live near some radio towers and on some days the interfearence is so bad I can't record. I usually have to find the "magical sweet spot" with my guitar cable by moving around the room until the interfearance is reduced.

This is probably old to you but have you tried AC line filters? I've always found that RFI rides in on the power cord. A filter cured the problem with one guy who lived only half a mile from some radio towers. It was a country station and he was the farthest thing from a country fan so he was incredibly grateful!

Except for his Willie Nelson albums, of course. EVERYBODY loves Willie!:food-smiley-004:

In a studio I found that a lot of little filters can work better than one big one feeding an entire rack but of course the one big one is easier and should be tried as a first step.

With those amps that use the "computer cord" type of female chassis connector you can use filters made up as a power connector with an AC filter buiilt right in! They come in 1,3, 5 and greater amp ratings and fit in the exact same mounting spot. They are a little deeper at the back but there's usually room.

They only cost a buck or two in production quantities so it's a shame more amp makers don't put them in at the factory. They work GREAT! The only amp I ever saw one in was a "Zoot Horn 500" bass amp from at least 25 years ago. This was a tribute amp to Zoot Horn Rollo - Zappa's bass player.

Just FYI, in case you didn't already know.
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