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I'll tell you what works for me flawlessly, and I'm pretty picky about my guitar tone getting altered in any way so if it didn't work I wouldn't use it. I do most of my multitrack recording with Adobe Audition (used to be Syntrillium Cool Edit Pro) and it has a noise reduction filter that works by taking a sample of purely just your noise floor and then uses that information to filter itself out of the entire guitar track if that's what you apply it to. If you do the process properly you won't get artifacts. The trick is let your recording roll a bit at the beginning without starting to play anything so you have just the pure noise that the filter can take a profile of later on. Using this, I don't even worry anymore about hum my pickups pickup from one of my monitors which is a CRT, and sometimes even record in the summer with a fan running in my room. If you don't sample the noise properly or long enough you can end up with flangy sort of artifacts but if done right you won't and it doesn't alter my tone. And the reason I do it this way instead of gating is becasue a gate won't work if say you hit that last power chord in a song that just rings and naturally fades... as the chord trails off you will start to hear the noise or the gate will cut in too early and you lose your nice end trail. Anyway, I think most DAWs these days have a similar filter. I can even do a quick recording and post an audio clip example if anyone wants.

Also, as mentioned, about 90% of hum caused by a guitar's pickups picking it up from A CRT monitor can be resolved by turning yourself (and your guitar) perpendicular to the screen.
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