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So I got this new pedal...

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It's a modeler, by Digitech called the Distortion Factory DF-7. According to the box it came with, and the salesman at Ring music(located on Harbord street) it models 7 of the "greatest" distortion pedals.

DigiTech Metal Master
DOD Overdrive/preamp 250
Boss DS-1
Ibanez TS-9
Pro Co Rat
Boss Metal Zone
EH Big Muff π

So basically I am wondering what kind of experiences people have had with either these pedals and/or the Distortion Factory one.

I got it for $149.00 or something like that, by the way.
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I saw this looked interesting. Does it clone those pedals pretty well?

Years ago I had an RP-1 from Digitech, it was neat at the time but a bit to much for me to understand way back then.

I also played the Boss Metal Zone for a while. That was a good pedal to import dirt into a clean channel with. I didn't own it outright so I had to return it to the owner after I left my old band.

If your DF-7 can do all that, it must be a neat little box.
To Adam: Unfortunately I am not very familiar with any of the distortion pedals, however, each pedal model sound is very distinct from each other, so I get a very large variety of tones.

To Pass: I think it's very neat pedal, thanks. I am hoping that I can find "my" tone with this one.
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