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Hi All
Just got in from an afternoon gig.
I was unsure about which amp to bring as I did not know what was required for volume. But as I looked around I thought a combo would be the ticket here. As the only other combo I had at my place here was a tweed deluxe and Rob, the other guitarist, was using a 35 watt amp, I was compelled to Snake River
I recently got this amp used (thanks Nik). Had not used it in a gig situation before. I was looking for a vintage AC30 to use in the studio. But when I played this amp I knew that I needed to look no longer. This is a combination of three of the best AC 30s ever made. A three channel amp, pentode (AC30/4), triode (AC30 non-top boost), and cathode follower (AC30 top boost). Controls for channels 1 and 2 (non-top boost and AC30/4) and just volume and cut. For the top boost channel you add bass and treble controls to the volume and cut knobs. Very simple. Comes in a AC30 meets a Marshall Bluesbreaker style combo. It is a 2x12 configuration and came loaded with 2 new Celestion Blues.
This is a loud amp and I was a little concerned that I would be too loud for this particular gig. So I brought along my Keeley compressor in case I needed to calm down the beast. But as it turned out, we played loud enough to let me turn it up a bit. Still, it was on a low idle as I only had it at about 2-3 on the volume. I used the AC30/4 channel exclusively today. Don’t ask why, I just thought it might be appropriate in this case. I brought along my 1960 Troiano(Tele)caster, my black Limba Baker BJ with P-90s, and a Strat with 3 P-90s (exclusively for slide). The Tele sang extremely smooth this afternoon. It sounded twangy and creamy all at the same time. All the cluck you expect from the Tele/AC30 combination. It had a immediate intoxicating sound. I just wanted to play and play. Solid Tele tone that cut through drums , bass, keys and another guitar. Although I wasn’t loud, I could hear myself in the mix perfectly. Even soloing I was not dominating in volume, but could hear and be heard over everything. Didn’t even step on my boost pedal until later in the set.
In a set list that covered a lot of musical ground,(Chuck Berry, Steely Dan, Jerry Jeff Walker, Gnarls Barkley, Hank Williams, Allman Bros., Beatles, Cream and others) I did not adjust the amp once. Just would change guitar when appropriate to the song. The Tele would sparkle, the Baker would growl and the Strat soared effortlessly. The definition and clarity was amazing and is a one of those amps that is unforgiving if you don’t play exactly what you want to. It took pedals very well. I used a Demeter Tremulator, Seymour Duncan Twin Tube boost, a Dunlop volume pedal and a FLIP tube Echo. I was able to coax very countrified tones and convincing pedal steel emulations, blues drenched low gain solo heaven, trem drenched surf tones, and classic rock solo tone galore. I had a guitar player from the audience come and ask me specifically after the first set what my amp was and said it sounded great out front. But could not believe it was a non channel switching, multi level, midi controlled NASA experiment gone rock and roll. Nope just a volume and a cut control. When things sound this good.....that’s all you need.

P.S. Sadly this amp is no longer available from the builder. Don't know why. But it is GREAT
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