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Slide guitars some have a resonator-

Here we have a picture of a guitar which is usually used for slide guitar. These are sometimes called "Slide Guitars"
Presently however this one is set up for "normal" playing.

:smile:When people ask me what it is I say "It's a rare, "Chevy Dope"---Bro!".

If I wish to slide I use an extension nut which is like a big hollow nut which is placed over the reglar one. This raises the string to allow for better bending and much more emotive playing style.
This one is an electric guitar but it can be recorded with close miking. It is not as loud as a normal one but usable acoustically and the metal imparts a certain quality which is appealing to some.
Most are designed for acoustic style and have a aluminum resonator to increase the volume. Famous Brands may be Dobro, National, Regal and many others.

They originated to try and over come the horn section I think, they wanted it loud.
For further info search "Dobro, or Hawiian Steel guitar or Resonator...

I hope this helps to answer your question, at least in one area.

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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