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Can you guys help me out and give me an idea on how to do it properly.

I play with a pick and it seems easy to pop if I dig in under the string and let it go. Is that right?

The slap I have no idea, looks like some people slap with the palm of the hand and others use a thumb.

Can you also give me some names I can youtube. to see them in action please.

I know this could be in the Tech and Theory section but it is directly bass related.


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You slap by using your thumb. Most people say (and i agree) that it's best to have your thumb parellal to the strings and use your knuckle to strike the string. Here are a couple good online lessons(google is your friend)

Lesson 1

Bunny Brunel Lesson 1

Bunny Brunel Lesson 2

Another Lesson with audio, notation and pics

Their are tons of lessons available online so if those dont do it just google it :tongue:

Some artists to Check out:
Larry Graham(Sly & the family stone)
Victor Wooten(solo, bela fleck & the flecktones)
Marcus Miller
Les Claypool(Primus,oysterhead, solo, various other projects)
Mark King (level 42)
Dirk Lance (old incubus)
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