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I familiar with the Texas special only... nice PU, round with more bite... what are you looking for tone wise and what are the woods in your project strat?

If I may suggest... I was very surprised with the Dimarzio Blue Velvet, nice round tones, smooth with sparkle, excellent clean tone chime that translated very well to just barely overdriven sparkle. For me however it was the medium overdriven tones that just sound amazing... better than any single I've heard yet. I have the active version of the PU that Dimarzio makes only for EBMM. They are in a Silhouette Special that is all maple. They compliment the guitar perfectly, for my taste anyways. An otherwise brite guitar is now round and smooth with perfect top end sparkle.
Like anything else it's subject to your likes and dislikes... I've been playing Seymour Duncan PU's for years and likely would never have looked to Dimarzio for a single coil... their Distortion humbucker is very cool one of the better Distortion PU's IMHO but I usually turn to other "brands" for singles.
I also have a YJM strat and along with getting YJM tone this strat sounds Great. They have a vintage vibe going and because they are stacked buckers they are quiet...

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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