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Jeff Flowerday said:
I've posted this in the dealer emporium but I really like ACME guitarworks in the US for ordering certain brands of pickups.

As for Texas Specials, they don't seem to have that chime I'm looking for. The other thing is they have real strong magnets and need to be extremely low in the guitar or they really start tugging on the strings.

So that said I'd go with the Fralins between your two choices.

My completely different suggestion is the following: Seymour Duncan Antiquity IIs in the neck and middle position and a Seymour Duncan Antiquity I Texas hot in the bridge. Smokin' combination, they do SRV very well.

Yes... ACME is awesome but unfortunately they cant( They Tried) to get the Kinman line of pickups on their prefab pickguards. Kinmans I think are the best single coils around.
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