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My Les Paul special with P90s would stay clean until about 7 on the guitar volume and then just get dirtier from 7 til 10; that was into my '62 Super. My Guild with one HB would just stay clean and get louder all the way to 10.

read my posting to your other topic will clear some things up for you./

I really believe there still isnt a "do all" multiple channel amp out there giving at least to me what I am wanting out of it...
you always sacrifice clean for gain or gain for clean...

modern distortion, medium, gain, fender clean, fenderish clean.? yikes!
you read what all these amp makers are trying to accomplish and most buyers are left scratching their heads from all the subjective banter.

you really have 2 amps that all amps are modeled , ideas built upon or surpassed , but are also continually judged by/against.
thats fender and marshall..... others exist of course...
but pick one or the others general sound and build from there...
you cant compare apples to oranges....
you'll never get both sounds from even the finest of boutique amps..
short of 2 completely seperate circuits being placed in one head.

find a decent master volume ,single channel amp ... its a good starting point and a much simpler format.

the master vol and gain knobs will be what gives you clean or dirty...
you can work off the bottom or top of your guitar volume pots also to get more cleans etc.
if you are like some guys, they dont like the loss of fidelity as they drop the volume from their guitars vol pot... thus adding a capaciter and a resistor between 2 of the lugs on the volume pot which keeps the fidelity of the sound true throughout out the volume knobs sweep....its like turning the amp down form your guitar.

I dont get much call for that mod today, since smaller amps seem to be more popular.and big volume is no longer the big draw
..I only run it in a few of my guitars, but it is effective and useful..

if youre unsure what youre looking at or for , I wouldnt get too spendy unless you have it to spend , enjoy losing a little money now and again...or like having a ton of amps cluttering up space.

I've found over the past couple years i've cut my guitar collection by nearly 60% [which I didnt believe possible] and added a bunch of amps to get a bit of everything I hear....I'm much happier as i am now playing most of my guitars and trying new things through different amps... rather than 2-3 amps and 80+ guitars to restring twice a year!!

now ,my wife doesnt care for a ton of the extra amps... but theyre all in one room, instead of having dozens of guitars in every closet of the house !!!
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