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Blakkstone Hexx is an established rokkin cover band that's been gigging in and around Calgary for 5 years at around 40 nights a year.
Our current singer is relocating to Victoria and will be with us until we find a suitable Singer Frontman replacement.

We are looking for an experienced, versatile, reliable, professional Singer Frontman with his own pro gear, transportation to and from Gigs and rehearsals and that fits well with the current members of Blakkstone Hexx. Must be willing to gig out of town and be available to us for any and all gig opportunities. We are not looking for a Singer that is in other bands. We are looking for a new band member that will embrace our focus. The right person will be offered a buy in opportunity to quarter share of our assets, gigs, and direction/focus.

We have repeat business with several area venues and have done our own bookings and will continue to do so. Also we were recently picked up by one of the top booking agents in Calgary ( western Canada )

We rehearse weekly in Airdrie and are currently holding Auditions at our rehearsal space.

Send us a video of a recent performance to [email protected] along with a description of yourself and your vocal style. Please see our yourtube page here... Blakkstone Hexx
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