Measurements on a Hickok 6000 were 1250 is considered new. Negative for gas/shorts
(3) German (Munich factory) made Siemens 12AX7'S. (1st and 2nd photo) ($85 each)

Left to right 1st photo
RCA labeled, dual support halo getter, #0L etched code 1500/1600 ((SOLD))
Fisher labeled mC- #8C etched code 1350/1450 ((SOLD))
No labeled dual support halo getter, I62 #3H etched code 1250/1250

3/4th photo
Brimar Made in England 1275/1375 ($50) ((SOLD))
Hammond Made in Holland delta 1B3 code 1100/950 ($50) ((SOLD))
JAN Sylvania 3 mica blue tip 5751 1000/1000 (not shown) $50

(Not shown) CV491 (12AU7) military spec. Zaeux labelled. Euro Philips manufactured (Mullard/Amperex etc) 2750/2850 where 2200 is new $25

Gas Liquid Engineering Motor vehicle Machine

Handwriting Font Writing Ink Paper

Automotive tire Automotive lighting Drinkware Liquid Fluid

Handwriting Font Rectangle Gas Signage