Rent just went up and the person I am currently sharing with is out. Just looking for some responsible/reliable band/musicians who need a spot to share the monthly expense.

Currently available: Wednesdays, Thursdays and every second weekend (includes Fridays).

$485 a month, but negotiable depending on whether it's just us two in there or you only want 1 regular day and I can get a third in there (not sure I wanna clutter the place up that much). Or if you're a solo act /electronic duo or something (i.e. do not take up a lot of real estate and I can get a third in there). You get the idea.

Building rule: no drums or full band jams before 6pm on a weekday; go as late and loud as you want after that though.

Pic is old (the gear is not all the same) but demonstrates the place well. That entire left wall will be free of gear when my bud moves out (date negotiable).

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