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As a retirement gift, my wife took me to see Graham Nash last night. I wouldn't describe Nash as having been my favourite quartile of CSNY, but it was a terrific show, attributable mostly to his musical partner/accompanist Shane Fontayne.

I'm somewhat familiar with Fontayne from his days backing Bruce Springsteen, and the band Lone Justice before that. Terrific rhythm player. All the right fills in all the right places. Right up there with Steve Cropper, via Chet Atkins and Hank Marvin. That guy knows what a Gretsch is for, and has volume pedal chops galore. Can turn a Strat into a dual Shobud pedal steel just like that. He also has a firm grip on finger picking.

Tried to get a gander at the pedalboard, but much of it was obscured by the stage monitor. The only thing I could make out was a Line 6 modeller of some form, and a Boss tuner, but there were at least a dozen other things in there that I couldn't see, including a terrific unidentified reverb.

This guy's good. Keep an eye out for him.
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