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Brand new in box, never used, only taken out for photos.

A distortion-free under-saddle transducer and a clear-sounding, high-headroom preamp for acoustic guitar. Combat the dreaded ‘piezo quack’ with the Wavelength Solo. This system avoids the typical under-saddle distortion found in piezo elements by combining a thin piezo polymer transducer with a low-noise, 18V, high-headroom preamp with twice the dynamic range of typical 9V pickup systems, letting you strum as aggressively as you like without those unpleasant sonic artifacts. The sound is full, balanced and clear. The preamp also has an input for a second source which gets routed directly to the ring connector at the jack, so you can add a soundhole pickup, mic or other pickup source.

The Wavelength accommodates virtually all 6-string spacings, and works with most 12-string guitars as well. The element is easy to install in guitars with either 3/32” or 1/8” wide saddles, with typically no modification to the saddle slot. The 18V preamp is powered by two AA batteries, and installation instructions are included.

$100 shipped
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